The Crucifixion



A crucifix is a cross that also has an image of Christ suffering on it. Every Catholic church has a Crucifix on, above, or near the main altar. Many Catholics may wear a small crucifix around their necks or place crucifixes in their homes. Some of our non-Catholic brothers and sisters may object to the idea of a crucifix, wondering why, if Christ died once and for all, do Catholics leave Jesus up on the Cross? Doesn't that take away from the power of the Resurrection? As Fr. David Dohogne explains, "Catholics also believe that our Lord is risen, but we also need to be reminded of what Christ had to endure before the Resurrection could take place, namely his Passion and Death on the cross. The crucifix helps us better understand and appreciate our "theology of redemption." It is a constant reminder of Christ's love for us. 

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