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I recently served as pastor of a multicultural church with a large Hispanic ministry and I found that the "CATOLICO" stickers, as well as the "CATHOLIC" stickers, are a great way of encouraging people to display their pride in our Catholic faith.  Many of the hispanics appreciated being offered something that affirmed their language and culture as well as their faith at the same time.  Every community of whatever language should be proud of--and grateful for--the privilege of, being Catholic.

Rev. Stephen Hellman, Pastor, Annunciation Parish, Monroeville, Alabama


I had the opportunity to sell the "Catholic" t-shirt at a youth conference a couple of years ago and everyone absolutely loved them. People were struck by the artistic design and deep symbolism contained in the logo. The "Catholic" t-shirt truly answers the call for a new evangelization by portraying the beauty of our Catholic faith in an attractive and accessible way. In my own life, it has been a catalyst for numerous dialogues about the Church and our common faith. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend The Word is Catholic merchandise.

Alexander Crow, Seminarian, St. Meinrad Seminary & School of Theology, St. Meinrad, Indiana


In a visually stimulating culture, The Word is Catholic catches your attention and draws you in to the beauty of our faith. I've seen young people embrace and proudly display the CATHOLIC logo, and they truly embrace it as a way to evangelize the Gospel. Even I have had people from across the country inquire when I wear my CATHOLIC shirt. If you're looking for an authentic way to display your faith and to invite others into a conversation about the rich symbolism within our Church, I highly recommend The Word Is Catholic.

Adam Ganucheau, Office of Youth & Young Adult MInistry, Dept. of Education, Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama


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