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Proclaim the Faith

Your support helps the Catholic community

We donate our profits to Catholic organizations.

Here are some examples of who “The Word is Catholic” has helped:

 McGill-Toolen Pro-Life Ministry at the March for Life

HIgh School Pro-LIfe Ministry

 The Word Is Catholic has been extremely generous to the Campus Ministry of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School and its Pro-Life outreaches. Donations have helped students attend retreats, hear nationally-recognized speakers, experience the National March for Life, and most importantly encounter Jesus Christ. At McGill-Toolen we are grateful for not only the awesome design, but for the great support “The Word Is Catholic” has shown to us!

Trey Krause, Campus Ministry Program, McGill-Toolen Catholic High School


McGill-Toolen Catholic High School

We are so grateful to be beneficiaries of the  proceeds  through the sale of The Word is Catholic items.  The funds donated have helped students travel to Washington, DC to attend the March for Life, helped provide professional development opportunities for our faculty, supported many student organizations including our five-time State Championship Physics Team, our award winning literary magazine, Ingenium, and our Pro-Life and Pride Clubs.  We are proud to partner with The Word is Catholic and to make their items available for purchase in our Campus Store. 

Kim Dunne, Director of Advancement, McGill-Toolen Catholic High School


Middle School Pro-LIfe Groups

Lifesavers is the Junior Pro-Life Club at St. Ignatius Parish, whose purpose is prayer, education and service focusing on building a Culture of Life. “The Word Is Catholic” has helped us raise money by providing us with merchandise for our fundraisers. They also helped us design a Pro-Life car magnet which has been very popular in our parish and city. We are proud to partner with “The Word Is Catholic” to spread our message of “Choose Love” over choice. Every life matters!

Caroline McDonald, Director of Lifesavers, St. Ignatius Parish, Mobile, AL

 Ecuador 2015


Thanks to proceeds from sales of The Word is Catholic merchandise,  we were able to help send the youth of our parish to Ecuador and Guatemala for a life changing mission trip.  Being able to send our Lifeteen group on these trips is what The Word is Catholic is all about.  The goal of this incredible brand that celebrates our faith is to give back to our community and to evangelize.  We were so thankful to be one of the first groups to partner with them and directly benefit from sales of a product our parishioners love! 

Anthony Tobin, Director of Youth Ministry, St. Ignatius Parish, Mobile, AL


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